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Not as widely used as the supermarket brands. Some poor ratings.



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"I did not like it in particular. I only bought it because it was on offer. I did not buy again after."
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Size 1, 24 pk:Our soft and gentle Boots Baby Newborn nappies are designed to protect your baby's delicate skin. They're made using super soft materials and have an absorbent core to lock away wetness. Stretchy sides, overlapping tabs and stretchy leg cuffs ensure a comfortable fit.

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RSP £ 2.79

800 Ratings

Overall Rating

Value for Money 3/5
Quality 3/5
Awareness 3/5
Loyalty 0/5
Popularity 1/5

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Terrible nappies. Nappies were a lot smaller than the same size of pampers. Nappies ripped down the side. Couldn't use the nappies and complained to boots as I was so disappointed. Expected better from such a good shop.

Value for Money 1/5
Quality 1/5

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Really liked boots nappies until I bought bigger than size 2. After size 2 the fit was awful and they leaked.

Value for Money 3/5
Quality 3/5

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Very good value for money when on offer

Value for Money 3/5
Quality 3/5

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Good, bit more expensive

Value for Money 2/5
Quality 4/5

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These were fine. I just felt they leaked too easily especially as she got older or sell for long hours

Value for Money 4/5
Quality 3/5

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Not very good absorption

Value for Money 3/5
Quality 2/5

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Ok but leaked on a night and quite expensive for own brand.

Value for Money 3/5
Quality 3/5

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