Ratings and Reviews

All our ratings and reviews are provided by you! To leave a review... from any of the brand pages click on the blue 'leave a review' button on the left hand side of the page to have your say about that brand.

To help us deal with bots and spam (!) your reviews are held for us to check and publish (we don't leave out or change genuine reviews)... so please do expect a delay of a day or so between leaving your review and seeing it on the site.

To explain our 6 ratings areas:

  • Overall Rating – this is simply a 1 to 5 score (as all our scores are) on how you feel overall about the brand. So if you see a brand with an average score of 4.12 for overall rating say, then on average, you have said it is just better than 'very good' or a 4 out of 5 rating.
  • Value for Money – a brand may be great quality but you feel it is relatively expensive compared to a lesser quality brand that is much cheaper... our value for money rating gives you a chance to have your say!
  • Quality – how good a product is, is so important when you are thinking of buying a product that goes on your baby's skin or that must be safe when you are out and about. Our quality rating can be used to compare brands in this vital area.
  • Awareness – our awareness rating is simply a measure of how well known the brand is... i.e. who has heard of the brand.
  • Popularity – this is simply a measure of how many buy the brand. Whether you prefer niche brands or household names it is always good to know how many are already buying from the brand.
  • Loyalty – loyalty is regarded by many as the ultimate measure of how good a brand is... loyalty is where you say that this is the only brand you will buy from all those available within the category in question.